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Dr. Seth C. Murray

PI - lead problem causer


Photo of Seth enjoying elotes

Joined the program in September of 2008. He thoroughly enjoys elotes!

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CV - (Midterm Dossier)

Teaching page (SCSC 643, SCSC 421, SCSC 689, and guest lectures)

Jacob Pekar

Research Assistant



Graduate Students

Graduate Students

Graduate Students


Rupa Kanchi

Graduate Student - PhD

Rupa Kanchi

Rupa is a graduate student in the Statistic department at Texas A&M.

She joined the program in May of 2011 and is working on statistical methodology for to QTL fine mapping and detection. Her work is part of the the USDA-National Institute for Food and Agriculture funded project Analysis of Clinal Variation in Maize: Implementation of an Experimental Framework for Studying Crop Adaptation.

Adam Mahan

Graduate Student - MS&PhD

Adam Mahan

Adam joined the program in January of 2010. He received his BS in Agronomy at Iowa State University.

Publications resulting from Adam's MS:

Mahan, A.L. S.C. Murray*, L.W. Rooney, and K.M. Crosby. 2013. Combining Ability for Total Phenols and Secondary Traits in a Diverse Set of Colored (Red, Blue, and Purple) Maize. Crop Science 53:1248-1255.

Mahan, A. L. S.C. Murray*, L.W. Rooney, and M.P. Scott. (under revision) Important agronomic, and compositional traits in new quality protein maize.

For his PhD, Adam is working on developing an unprecedented population to investigate genomewide recombination rate using next-gen genotyping by sequencing technology. He will also use this population to map QTL for blue color and other traits in collaboration with Drs. Patricia Klein, Lloyd Rooney, and Joseph Awika.

Adam is a Monsanto Fellowship recipient.

Jeffery Savage

Graduate Student - MS

Jeff Savage

Jeff received his BS in Plant and Environmental Soil Science at Texas A&M

Publications resulting:

Isakeit T.*, S. Murray, J. Savage, and R. McHugh. 2013. Aflatoxin and fumonisin in transgenic corn hybrids in Burleson County, Texas, 2012. Plant Disease Management Reports 7:FC030

He joined the corn project in September, 2011

Schuyler Smith


  Schuyler joined the program in January of 2013. He received his BS in Genetics from Iowa State University.

James Wilborn

Graduate Student - PhD

Jim Wilborn

Jim joined the program in March of 2010. Jim received his Masters in Soil Science from Texas A&M Kingsville under Dr. John Matocha in 2009. Jim was a research associate with the program from 2009 - 2011. Jim is now the Farm Manager at the Texas AgriLife station at Chillicothe.

Jim's PhD project involves looking at the genetics of phosphorus in maize.


Student Interns and Workers

Student Interns and Workers

Student Interns and Workers

Amee R. Bumguardner

Summer 2013


Nicholas Ace Pugh

Summer 2012, Summer 2013


Davis W. Michalewicz

Summer 2013


David Rooney

Summer 2009,2010, 2011,2012, 2013

Spring 2013


Travis Rooney

Summer 2010,2011,2012 2013


Franklin S. Zhang

Summer 2013








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