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Plant Breeding!

Plant Breeding is the science (data driven, objective) and art (subjective) of altering genetic variation in plants to improve yield and/or other traits via human selection.

An overview of the field program (rough draft)


Current Breeding Projects (constantly evolving):

Yellow Grain Maize for Texas

- Aflatoxin resistance
- Drought tolerance
- Nitrogen, phosphorus, and other composition efficiency traits
- Yield (general adaptation)
- Exotic introgression
- Synthetic and open pollinated populations

White Grain Maize for Texas

- Aflatoxin resistance
- Drought tolerance
- Yield
- Quality

Colored Grain Maize (Red, Blue, Purple, etc.)

- Pigment concentration / intensity
- Yield

QPM Grain Maize

- Lysine quality and composition
- Yield
- Grain quality

Perennialism ( Biomass / Grain)

- Tillering
- Non-senescence (stay-green)
- Overwintering ability
- Normal ears / grain
- Flowering time
- Yield

Biomass Zea ( Cellulosic Biofuel / Silage / Forage / Biofeedstock )

- Leaf, stem and grain yield
- Photoperiodism (flowers extremely late)
- Tillering




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