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Graduate Studies and Potential Graduate Students

If you are interested in plant breeding or quantitative genetics and even think you might have an interest in going to graduate school on this or a related topic, please feel free to contact Dr. Murray. There are currently many opportunities for graduates in this field, and therefore many potential avenues for financial support. Graduate school is about finding the right advisor and project for you, not about finding the right department or college (which is different from undergraduate study). Generally your advisor is the sole person to help you get into graduate school and to get out.

While graduate school does involve formal classroom education, it is the students research the informal education that is much more more important.


One interpretation of how graduate school works

A brief slideshow given to Texas A&M Department of Soil and Crop Science undergraduates who were potentially interested in graduate school.

Dr. Murray's philosophy on graduate school

I was personally fortunate to have my graduate experience under Dr. Stephen Kresovich in the Department of Plant Breeding and Genetics at Cornell University. I was given the freedom to design my own projects and pursue my own interests to earn my PhD. I strive to give the same opportunity and responsibility to all students that come into my program. I think this is best summed up by a quote from Dr. Kresovich "If I [as your adviser] tell you to paint this box red, and you paint it red, do you deserve a PhD?" the answer is obviously no. Therefore, to "earn" a PhD it is my philosophy that you will use your new found knowledge to create your own experiences with both the program's and my support.

Potential projects in quantitative genetics and/ or maize breeding

Please look around the site at traits and germplasm to get a better idea of what we are currently doing. Most graduate student projects in the program will be an extension of this work. Motivated students will be encouraged to suggest and design their own projects. Please contact Dr. Murray if you would be interested in working in this program.





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